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One room, one phone, one pad & pencil. This was the genesis of Bear Claw Music in 1997. BCM was born near Southern Appalachia, and the music it represents is deeply rooted in that sound. But its founder, Keith Knight, has taken BCM beyond the blue ridge mountains and into the realm of world music.

BCM has been in the pinnacle performing arts market for over 15 years, and has grown from a fledgling one-man operation to a branded, well-established and well-respected agency offering acoustic music. BCM prides itself as being a completely transparent and service-oriented company whose mission is to exceed presenter expectations.

BCM represents a specialty niche of acoustic music which features acoustic guitars, mandolin, fiddle, violin, dobro, harp guitar, resonator guitars, and vocals. We offer a broad variety of genres for all demographic age groups and venue sizes. The difference? BCM artists are consummate entertainers, players, performers, educators, and players. But that's not all! BCM artists use a multitude of acoustic instruments on stage and in the studio making every performance dynamic, different and exciting.

BCM also represents educational productions which go beyond the performing arts. Healthcare, leadership, and professional development are all part of the Bear Claw Music brand.

See our Services Offered section for details on all BCM products and find out what services BCM can provide your organization.

Our Founder

Mt Adams

Keith Knight is an accomplished musician, entertainer, agent, and entrepreneur. Bear Claw Music has been his project for nearly 15 years, and has become well-known throughout the performing arts industry. Throughout his life and career, Keith has always preferred taking the more rigorous paths, and he has never shied away from meeting challenges head on. Keith has always believed that real success and fulfillment can only be found just beyond great despair.

Diversity in excellence has always been a key component to his philosophy. What the hell does that mean? It could mean runner-up Blue Chip All-American, NCAA Hammer Thrower, competitive Olympic weightlifter, web developer & designer, professional musician, composer, agent, recording artist, producer, world traveler, mountaineer & climber, backpacker, entrepreneur, mentor, lecturer, husband.... It does mean doing the most with the hand you've been dealt. It means being a maverick. It means taking chances. It means living.

The fundamental concept of diversity in excellence is reaching pinnacle achievement in not just a few skills, but many skills. This mantra is the embodiment of Bear Claw Music. You don't have to be smart, rich, attractive, lucky, spoiled, or insane.... You just have to have guts.

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Services Offered


Arts Presenters
Ohio Arts Presenters Network
North Carolina Presenters Consotrium
Western Arts Alliance

Conferences Attended

Midwest Arts
Arts Market
Performing Arts Exchange
Ohio Arts Presenters Conference
Western Arts Alliance