Keith Knight


From rock to folk to blazing acoustic guitar, he's mastered almost every instrument he's touched. A multi-genre artist, he's considered one of the finest and most versatile fingerstyle guitarists in America. He has captivated audiences with guitar wizardry that is deeply rooted in Appalachian folk, ragtime and country blues, continuing to take acoustic music to higher levels.

"I have never before witnessed a blues or Appalachian guitarist with such blistering technique and absolute mastery of so many different instruments and styles. All I could say was wat the audience was screaming, 'More!'" - Townsend Center for the Arts

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Keith Knight is a Native American solo 12 & 6 string acoustic guitarist, vocalist, and mandolinist, who has been performing across the United States since 1993. His high-energy gutar wizardry takes moderand and traditional acoustic music to incredible heights.

He is considered by many to be one of the finest finger picking guitarists in America. Keith’s music is deeply rooted in Delta & ragtime blues, Appalachian folk, and other Americana genres. His jaw-dropping fingerstle guitar has gained him notable recognition, including a fellowship for music performance from the South Carolina Arts Commision, making him the first “non-classical musician” to achieve this honor in South Carolina. He has been a grant recipient from numerous arts organizations, including: First Nations Composer Initiative, SC Arts Alliance, and Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs. He was voted by Austin audiences to be in the “Top 10 Best Musician” category in the Austin Music Awards.

Among the other accolades of accomplishments, he has also been a juried showcase artist at America’s premier conferences (Western Arts, Arts Midwest, and Performing Arts Exchange) and countless state consortia conferences.

Keith Knight is a former residency workshop instructor for the South Carolina Arts Commission’s Arts-in-Education program for 9 years. In Los Angeles, he co-founded the electric pop band The Panic Choir, where he utilized his electric/acoustic guitar, mandolin, and dobro playing and vocals. Keith and The Panic Choir released a CD entitled Soul and Luna on the Crystal Clear label in late 1993. Critics called Keith’s guitar playing “amazing”, “distinctive”, and “impressive”. In 1997, Keith relocated to Charleston, South Carolina to pursue a solo career in Americana acoustic music. It was there that he created his own record label and management company, Bear Claw Music. In 1998, Bear Claw Music released Hammer Thru the Silence, Keith’s debut solo CD which has been featured on folk music radio shows around the world. In January 2003, Bear Claw Music released Keith’s next CD, Tear It Up, which demonstrates his versatility as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. In 2009, he joined forces with Canadian powerhouse guitarist Don Alder to form EXTREME Guitar Duo. In 2013, Keith is in the process of forming Trio Montreal.

As a solo artist, Keith has shared the stage with such great artists as The Smothers Brothers, Melanie, and others. From 1000-seat performing arts centers to intimate 150-seat black box theatres, his concerts combine a variety of musical styles which make his shows refreshingly versatile. He is also known for his humor, wit, engaging storytelling, and audience interaction that continues to captivate and entertain audiences from start to finish.

“It hardly seems possible that Keith Knight provided five residency sessions and two sold out concerts in just three days…but he did. Keith Knight was the most successful residency at the Townsend Center since it opened in 1989. I was amazed at his ability to adapt to the broad age range that we presented, and to work with people so closely in such a variety of settings. I highly recommend Keith Knight to any presenter in search of children’s shows, high energy family concerts, guitar and mandolin master classes, workshops on the business of folk music, and especially full residencies.” – Robert Jennings, Director, Townsend Center for the Performing Arts, GA Download full letter here.

“Watching you was transcendent. The lightning quick fingering combined with such easy familiarity with the various instruments kept many in the audience smiling throughout each musical number. Then there were those little gasps of amazement every time you did something that surely cannot be humanly possibly with the guitar.” – Heidi Schiller, Manager, Fairfield Community Arts Center, OH Download full letter here.

“During the workshops, our students were extremely enthusiastic and involved. They have commented about how Keith was able to communicate with them very easily, even though students’ age range was from eight years through adult.” – Lana White, Executive Director, Performing Arts & Education Assoc. of Southwest Iowa, IA Download full letter here.

"In the workshop you inspired our students to be creative and ‘unafraid’ of learning to play an instrument. Your encouragement and unique ability to stimulate the students was impressive. The students, and faculty, are still talking about your performance ...we found you to be totally genuine.” – Dr. Anthony & Donna Baltakis, Art Series Coordinators, Louisiana State University Performing Arts, LA Download full letter here.

“Keith Knight delivers a fast paced riveting performance creating a connection with his audience by weaving folklore and personal notes in between his acoustical guitar arrangements. A master of both his chosen medium and audience connection, Mr. Knight brought professionalism, incredible skill and a wonderful personal ambience to our campus during his visit. His impact on both community and students will continue to reverberate and influence long after he is gone. Keith talks knowledgably about Americana music styles, music influences and the regional styles influencing different pieces of his work.” – Cheryl Smith, Director of Campus Arts, Northwood University, MI

“Keith had a wonderful impact on the high school students during his residency at the Largo Cultural Center in Largo, Florida. Giving two of his students the opportunity to perform with him on the Cultural Center stage as the opening act was well-received by the audience. The schools and the Cultural Center staff look forward to working with Keith Knight again.” – Richard Haerther, Manager, Largo Cultural Center, FL

“Keith Knight gives a commanding performance and his technical abilities are superb. He's great to work with and very accommodating. Local high school students benefited from his guitar workshop.” – Teri Goodwin, Sunburst Foundation, MT

“Keith Knight is one of the most personable and easy-going performers it has been my pleasure to work with in the 14+ years as a Student Activities professional. His musical performance would be appropriate in venues large or small.” – Lynn Caverly, Assistant Director, East Carolina University, NC

“His musical performance was a fast paced, finger pickin’ evening of enjoyment. Keith’s performance and interaction with the audience capped off a Saturday filled to the brim of the 10th Annual Platte Valley Festival of the Arts.” – Glee Johnson, Chair, Platte Valley Arts Council, WY

“A crowd-stopping performance at the festival. The most often stated remark to me about Keith was: 'Where have you been hiding this guy?' Keith’s outstanding performances stopped the crowd and held them, tapping toes, and clapping hands right up to the last note.” – Greg Hathaway, Arts Council of Fayetteville, NC

“The National Slide Guitar Festival 2000 was held Sept 23 . Keith Knight was one of our headliners and workshop teachers, and to say we enjoyed his great talents is an understatement. His performance was more than well received by the attendees. His rapport and projection to the audience and workshop attendees was all anyone could ask. I recommend his style and interpretation of slide guitar to anyone looking to please an audience!!” – Taylor Mackey, National Slide Guitar Festival 2000

"Keith Knight’s passion for his music was contagious both in our school assemblies and in his evening performance. Students were able to hear and taste the history of rock and roll in his assemblies and the audience in his performance left wide-eyed with hands full of his amazing CD's." – Ralph Stever, Troy Arts Council, MT

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Program Formats:

• Standard Concerts: Keith Knight, solo, two (2) sets (50/35 min.) with intermission. Early shows and late shows also available which consist of two (2) concerts, four (4) sets.

• Keith Knight Variety Concert: Keith Knight in concert solo, and with other musicians, two (2) sets (50/35 min.) with intermission. Early shows and late shows also available which consist of two (2) concerts, four (4) sets.

• Festivals: Concert format within the parameters of the presenter. Workshops included (max. two (2) per day).

• Residencies: include but are not limited to demonstrations, workshops, master classes, lectures (download Residency Brochure).

• Lectures: Appropriate for college undergraduate music and business majors: two (2) hour lecture (download Synopsis and Curriculum).

• Corporate Events

• House Concerts: Same as Standard Concert within the parameters of the presenter.

Venue Size:

• Typical audience capacity is between 300 and 600; larger for festivals.

Venue Types:

• Performing Arts Centers, Theatres, Festivals, larger listening rooms


• All ages





03/07/2014 - 03/08/2013

Torrance Cultural Arts Center

Torrance, CA

05/29/2014 - 06/01/2014

T.H.E. Show Newport

Newport Beach, CA


Capstone Concert

Rochester, MN


Natalie's Presents

Worthington, OH


Dubuque University (private event)

Dubuque, IA

07/27/2014 - 07/28/2014

Harpoon Brewery Festival

Windsor, VT

See full schedule at Pollstar







Kent Station Arts at Noon

Kent, WA


Carrollwood Cultural Center

Tampa, FL



SFCC University Center Auditorium

Avon, FL CA


Carrollwood Cultural Center

Tampa, FL


San Juan Community Theatre

Friday Harbor, WA


Arts Depot, Darke County Center for the Arts

Union City, IN


Towsend Center for the Arts

Carrollton, GA


Stage must be raised, covered rain or shine, and be no less than 20’ wide by 20’ deep.

Risers at back of stage needed for rack, mixers, etc., to reach hip level or higher.

If stage is portable, it must meet Performer’s requirements.

Stage must be in place prior to agreed Performer set up time.


Three (3) working 110 outlet (20 amp) back and front of stage.

Sound Reinforcement System

Board must have minimum 16 input mixing console and use phantom power.

Equalizer with three (3) bands of equalization per channel with phantom power (min. 48v).

Outboard equalizers for house and monitors (31 or 27 band preferred).

Professional main house driver speakers with sub cabinets and sufficient power amplifiers (min. 450 wt per channel).

Three (3) floor monitors.

High-quality reverb unit for house.

Snake on stage with minimum 16 inputs.

Sufficient high quality XLR cables.

Two (2) standard microphone stands (with booms).

One (1) small microphone stand (with boom).


Four (4) sturdy guitar stands.

One (1) guitar amplifier (2 x 12” speaker cabinet w/ built in amp/preamp).

High quality microphone cables for all mics.

Sound Techs

At least one (1) qualified sound technician for sound check and performance.

Downloadable Tech Sheet with Plot

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