Trio Montreal

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Three world class musicians coming together for special performanes--Trio Montreal. Lily McCabe (BCM's newest artist) is an incredible young violinist whose finesse in multiple genres is something to behold. Don Alder is a solo fingerstyle guitarist and considered Canada's greatest harp guitarist. Keith Knight is a solo fingerstyle guitarist and multi-instrumentalist utilizing several instruments in concert. Trio Montreal is not only a wide array of instrumentation and genres, but a collection of vocal harmonies and haunting melodies creating layers of diverse musicality.


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Trio Montreal is collaboration of three world class musicians, composers, performers, and recording artists—Lily McCabe (USA) Don Alder (Canada) and Keith Knight (USA). Trio Montreal's performances are high-energy, dynamic, and highly entertaining musical journeys. This is a trio ensemble that refuses to be pigeon-holed into a neat musical genre. They perform modern fingerstyle guitar, Appalachian folk, bluegrass, roots, Celtic, Irish, acapella, blues, old time, gypsy jazz, and the list goes on an on.

Trio Montreal is the lastest production from Bear Claw Music. Each member is a soloist in his/her own right. Together, they come on stage with incredible musical depth and prowess. Their high energy performance takes audiences on a musical journey making an hour seem like 10 minutes. Because each member of Trio Montreal is also a solo performer, they are consumate entertainers who share humerous stories with audiences. Audiences always come away from a performance feeling that THEY were part of the performance.

Keith Knight is a Native American guitarist and vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist who resides in Portland, Oregon. He’s known not only for his fast-paced and agressive attack on various types of guitars (6 & 12 string, various resonators, selmer), mandolin, and dobro, but his versatilty and variety of styles spanning a broad range of Americana music. He has been a touring performer since 1990 and a residency instructor since 1997. Keith’s solo playing has been referred to as sounding like a 4-piece band. He has shared the stage with such great artists as The Smothers Brothers, Melanie, and others. The accolades of his achievements include a multi-grant & fellowship winner from various arts agencies, juried showcase artist at America’s premier performing arts conferences (WAA, Midwest Arts, PAE). Keith was also a residency instructor for the SC Arts Commission’s Arts in Education program for 9 years.

Don Alder is a Canadian guitarist, singer and recording artist who resides in Vancouver, BC. His unique style of playing incorporates fingerpicking with simultaneous percussion on the soundboard creating his own unique combination of deeply textured melody and rythm. He is considered one of Canada’s best acoustic and harp guitarist, and whose videos have been viewed tens of thousands of times on youtube. Don has done what few guitarists have ever achieved—he has won noteable guitar competitions, including: International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship, Guitar Player Magazine Guitar Superstar Competition, and U.K. Guitar Idol. He is one of the elite and sought after world class fingerstyle guitarists. His jaw-dropping guitar style puts him on the bus with such players as Tommy Emmanuel, Pat Donahue, & many others. He has endorsements with Yamaha and Seymour Duncan. Don is a Yamaha Guitar workshop instructor and inspirational speaker.

Lily McCabe ____

"Keith Knight and Don Alder have certainly chosen an apt name for their artistic collaboration. Both of them exhibit an extreme talent for playing the guitar and each of the charismatic artists is extremely energetic on stage; additionally their fast-paced, upbeat shows take audiences to the extreme edge of modern guitar fingerpicking. The skill and diversity displayed by these two artists earned deserved accolades from the crowd, as well as our organization's gratitude for their outstanding performance.” — Keith Rawlins, Darke County Center for the Arts

"All I could say was what the crowd was screaming. ‘MORE!’” — Robert Jennings, Director, The Townsend Center, GA

“The fingerstyle guitar techniques have to be seen to be believed, and even then, you are not sure you just saw what you thought you saw!” — Shara Gustafson, Director, Robson Valley Music Festival, BC

“One of our board members wrote ‘The guitar duo was fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous.’ The overall audience feedback was outstanding. Thank you for a wonderful and exciting performance.” — Richard Haerther, Artistic Director, Carrollwood Cultural Center, FL

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Program Formats:

• Standard Concerts: Two (2) sets (50/35 min.) with intermission. Early shows and late shows also available which consist of two (2) concerts, four (4) sets.

• Variety Concert: TM in concert, and with other musicians, two (2) sets (50/35 min.) with intermission. Early shows and late shows also available which consist of two (2) concerts, four (4) sets.

• Festivals: Concert format within the parameters of the presenter. Workshops included (max. two (2) per day).

• Residencies: include but are not limited to demonstrations, workshops, master classes, lectures (download Residency Brochure).

• Lectures: Appropriate for college undergraduate music and business majors: two (2) hour lecture (download Synopsis and Curriculum).

• Corporate Events

• House Concerts: Same as Standard Concert within the parameters of the presenter.

Venue Size

• Typical audience capacity is between 300 and 600; larger for festivals.

Venue Types

• Performing Arts Centers, Theatres, Festivals, larger listening rooms.


• All ages







03/07/2014 - 03/08/2014

Torrance Cultural Arts Center

Torrance, CA

See full schedule at Pollstar






Stage must be raised, covered rain or shine, and be no less than 20’ wide by 20’ deep.

Risers at back of stage needed for rack, mixers, etc., to reach hip level or higher.

If stage is portable, it must meet Performer’s requirements.

Stage must be in place prior to agreed Performer set up time.


Three (3) working 110 outlets (20 amp) back and front of stage.

Sound Reinforcement System

Board must have minimum 16 input mixing console and use phantom power.

Equalizer with three (3) bands of equalization (minimum) per channel with phantom power (min. 48v).

Outboard equalizers for house and monitors (31 or 27 band preferred).

High-quality reverb unit for house.

Two (2) high quality vocal mics.

One (1) small diaphram condenser instrument mic.

Professional main house driver speakers with sub cabinets and sufficient power amplifiers (min. 450 wt per channel).

Six (6) floor monitors.

Snake on stage with minimum 16 inputs.

Sufficient number of high quality XLR cables.

Five (5) standard microphone stands (with booms).

Two (2) small microphone stands (with boom).


Six (6) sturdy guitar stands.

Two (2) guitar amplifiers (2 x 12” speaker cabinet w/ built in amp/preamp).

High quality microphone cables for all mics.

Sound Techs

At least one (1) qualified sound technician for sound check and performance.

Downloadable Tech Sheet with Plot

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